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Jun 20, 2022

Christian Jacobs is a chief fire prevention officer for Grissom Air Force Base. In this interview we talk about community risk reduction, fire service data, and tips for professionals. 


Fire Dawg Podcast...

Jun 13, 2022

Hello All! Welcome to episode 37 of the Fire Code Tech solocast series. In this episode we are talking about freeze protection options for water based fire suppression systems. Tune into this episode if you want to hear a high level overview of dry pipe, preaction, dry barrel sprinklers and design considerations for...

Jun 6, 2022

On this episode of Fire Code Tech we are speaking with Bill Denney about an alternative fire suppression technology. Bill breaks down common occupancies aersol fire suppression is utilized for, design considerations, and lessons learned from his career. 


May 30, 2022

Hello all! In this weeks episode we are talking about life safety and egress components. This solocast breaks down exit, exit acess, and exit discharge and the theory behind chapter 10 in the Internation Building Code. Tune in if you want to buff up on your life safety terminology. 


Visual Aid for Egress components

May 23, 2022

Welcome to episode 53 of Fire Code Tech. On this episode we are speaking with Drew Slocum from the Fire Protection Podcast about professional development, podcasting, working for tech focused companies in fire and life safety, listing process, and more!


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