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Jul 27, 2020

Chris Campbell is a fire protection engineer who works in the construction industry. Chris has undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Maryland in fire protection engineering. In this episode of Fire Code Tech, we talk through the process of conducting a life safety analysis of a building.  Chris also talked about resources like the Building Code Blog and a database he created for fellow professionals.

Abutting Buildings: Building Code Blog


Tell me about your background in fire protection?
Can we get into a little bit more about your education and how your got to where you are today?
Can you tell me a little bit more about your co-teaching role at the university of maryland?
When is the decision made to use performance based design?
What does your role look like? Do you only perform life safety analysis or do you design other fire protection systems as well?
What is your process for analyzing the life safety systems of a building?
Tell me a little bit more about your experience starting the building code blog and why you did it?
What is your plan for the building code blog and where do you see it going?
Where do you go to learn about fire protection / what are some of the resources you use?
What kind of trends do you see in the fire protection industry right now or just construction in general?
What piece of advice do you have for professionals in fire protection?