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May 10, 2021

Craig Vesely is a registered fire protection engineer with almost two decades of experience in the industry. In this episode, we discuss aircraft hangars, combustible dust and his career as a fire protection engineer. Craig has outstanding takeaways for professionals about networking, problem solving and career growth. You do not want to miss it!

How did you get your start in fire and life safety?

Would you speak about some of your other roles as a professional?

What was the transition like from working on the contracting side of fire suppression to the FPE role?

Where are you at today in your career and how has that impacted your perspective of the design process?

Would you speak about starting your own practice and your journey so far?

Describe your experience with combustible dust and navigating this niche subject?

Will you speak about your experience with the codes and standards process?

What piece of advice do you have for professionals who will listen to this podcast?