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Sep 13, 2021

Welcome to episode 36 of Fire Code Tech. On this episode we have Michael Kinsey. This week we are talking about egress modeling, cognitive bias, and what it means to be a fire protection engineer in China. Michael has a truly fascinating and unique career being one of the only non-native fire engineers in China. Tune in to hear great perspective of fire protection engineering internationally and much more.


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What is your origin story in fire and life safety?

What kind of parallels do you find in computer science and fire engineering?

What egress modeling software are you proficient in?

How did you find your way to Shanghai as a fire engineer?

Would you speak on your expertise in egress modeling?

What are some of the cognitive biases and how do they play a role in fire and life safety?

How common is performance-based design versus prescriptive design in China?

Would you speak about your teaching role?

What trends do you see in fire and life safety?

Where do you like to consume information about professional development?