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Jul 12, 2021

This Episode is sponsored by Wachter.


Welcome to episode 33 of Fire Code Tech! On this episode we are speaking with Alexandra DeLucca who is a current student at the University of Maryland. We speak about Alexandra’s extensive internship experience, coursework at the University of Maryland, and much more. Tune in if you would like to hear from a student who has an immense amount of experience in professional development and how to succeed as a young professional.


How did you get started in fire and life safety?

Would you speak about your time so far at the University of Maryland?

What have been your favorite classes in your bachelor’s degree?

Would you speak about your internship experiences?

What has your experience been in research as regarding wildfires?

Where do you see your career going as of right now?

What advice would you give to individuals looking to get hired for an internship?

What do you see as trends in the industry right now?

Where do you go to learn about fire and life safety?