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Apr 12, 2021

Welcome to episode 26 of Fire Code Tech. In this episode, we speak about fire modeling, performance-based design, and codes and standards in Poland. Our guest, Wojciech, is an Associate Professor and a Deputy Head of Fire Research Department at the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, Poland. We discuss Wojciech’s research specialties including visibility in smoke, smart smoke control systems and wind and fire coupled modeling.


How did you get started in fire science?

Would you speak more about your career and the different roles you have had at ITB?

Can you speak more about your commercial experience and how the research and commercial design interface?

Would you speak about your paper you wrote about the codes and standards process in different countries?

 What are your thoughts about performance-based design and how we can assure competency and consistency in modeling parameters?

Are there some projects you are working on now burning different configurations in the lab?