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Jun 22, 2020

Sponsored By SprinkGUARD

Chase Browning is a fire marshal with a lifelong history in the fire protection industry. This episode of Fire Code Tech shares the perspective of an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) as it applies to topics like plan review, the codes and standards process, and fire investigations. Chase gives insight into what it's like to be a principal member of NFPA 13, one of the most impactful committees in existence.

How did you get into fire protection?
Would you tell me about some of your certifications?
What does it mean to be an Authority Having Jurisdiction / a code enforcer?
What does your typical day look like as a AHJ / Fire Marshal?
Would you speak about the methodology of fire investigations?
Can you speak about your history with the development of codes and standards?
What does the process of developing codes and standards look like?
Are there any resources that you would recommend to professionals?