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Mar 22, 2021

Jamie McAllister is a fire protection engineer with a wide variety of professional certifications and extremely professionally qualified. Triple threat is an understatement with a P.E., a Ph.D., a C.F.I and a CSP, I have rarely spoken with an individual with this level of credentials. In this episode we talk about Jamie McAllister’s career, forensic toxicology and professional development. If you are interested in insight from someone who is a case study in hard work and professional achievement tune in on this episode of Fire Code Tech.


Would you explain a little bit about your origin? 2:13

How did your experience in the fire service inform your time at Maryland’s FPE program? 6:11

Would you speak about your first several roles as a professional? 8:20

What is the work and services that FireTox is involved in? 28:07

Do you have advice for networking and maintaining connections in your varied career pursuits? 37:00

Would you speak about the different teaching roles you have maintained during your career? 40:28

Do you have a project or a specific case in your career that was impactful? 44:06

Would you speak about a trend you see in the fire and life safety industry? 50:13

What resources would you recommend to professional? 56:06