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Sep 14, 2020

Tell me about your background and how you got into the fire service?
What is the difference between legacy construction and light weight modern construction?
Would you go over your upbringing in the fire service?
What is the approach for fighting a fire for a sprinklered building? When do you use the FDC?
What do you see as an impact of the Grenfell Towers Facade fire?
What kind of resources would you suggest for somebody who wants to know more about fire suppression and the fire service?

Bill Gustin is a Captain of the Miami Dade Fire Department and a 39 year veteran of the fire service.  In this episode of fire code tech we get into bridging the gap between fire service and fire prevention professionals.  Bill gives riveting accounts of his time in the fire services while contrasting legacy and modern construction and its impact of emergency response. 

If you want to learn more about Bill you can check him out at

Also he is a regular on Hump Day Hangouts

Here is a great fire suppression training video and how I found Bill