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Aug 10, 2020

On this episode, we speak with Richard Meier about fire and explosions investigations. Episode 9 covers what it looks like to conduct an origin and cause investigation utilizing NFPA 921. Richard speaks about the most common fires and contrasts fire effects to fire patterns. We also break down what it means to conduct an investigation with a basis in peer reviewed science.


Tell me about your background and how you got into fire protection?
What kind of work does one start out performing as a fire and explosions investigator?
Can you explain a little bit more about what the scientific method is in the context of a fire and explosions investigator?
Will you speak about fire patterns and the different kind of fire patterns found in NFPA 921?
What is the difference between investigating an explosion as compared to a fire?
Do you have any interesting or challenging cases of fire or explosions investigations that you would share?
What are some resources that you would recommend for people to learn about forensics and fire/explosion investigation?
What does the process of deposition in court look like is it like you see on TV?
What kind of tasks do you perform in your labratory that you can't investigate in the field?