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Jun 8, 2020

James Andy Lynch is a fire protection engineer who specializes in commercial research and testing for his company,  The Fire Solutions Group. Andy has a bachelor's and a master's degree in fire protection from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In episode 5 of Fire Code Tech, we discuss what it takes to get UL listed and/or FM approved. We also dive into the intersection of new and unique technology like augmented reality and the fire protection industry.

How did you get into fire protection?
Expand on your education and your experience at WPI?
A high level overview of Andy's Professional Career?
What does the testing / research process look like on a day to day basis?
How do you get a UL Listing or FM Approval?
What does kind of project work is Andy involved in for the Fire Solutions Group?
Andy's experience with modeling software?
How does the emergency response capability of the Fire Solutions Group work?
What professional development resources would you recommend to professionals?
What is one piece of advice you would give to yourself starting out?