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May 11, 2020

Dave Stacy is a fire protection engineer and a member of the fire service. He has a bachelor's of science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. In this episode, of Fire Code Tech, we talk about how performance-based design differs from perscriptive design. Dave shares his insight from being a firefighter and discusses how his background impacts his decisions as a fire protection engineer. We talk about when it's appropriate to use performance-based design and what kind of modeling software is needed to meet the criteria of the code. I hope you enjoy the episode with Dave. Learn more about his work here: Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, PLLC

Tell me about your background and how you got into fire protection?
Do you think that having a background in the fire service has a impact have a positive effect
What is performance based design and what is that an alternative to?
What is the most common system utilized in performance based design?
Will you speak a little bit more on the fire protection modeling software?
How hard is it to utilize fire dynamics simulator or another PBD modeling software?
How much of a role does the authority having jurisdiction play in utilizing performance based design?
Do you have an example of a project in which you utilized performance based design?
Can you tell me about any hurdles or lessons learned as a fire protection professional?
What kind of emerging trends do you see in performance based design?
Where does the US rank in performance based design and what other coutries have a big use of PBD?
Tell me about what it means to be a professional engineer and how you attained the designation?