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May 25, 2020

Aaron Johnson is a fire marshal who specializes in aviation and aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF). On today's episode, we talk about aircraft-rescue firefighting and the significant hazard hangars pose for fire prevention. Aaron shares his insight from roles as an inspector, fire marshal and member of the NFPA 409 committee. We also discuss his extensive writing career as The Code Coach and his content generation for the fire safety industry. Aaron gives his top picks of trends in the industry, which include some innovative new technology. This episode has some great takeaways on a variety of topics!

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Questions Answered: 

How did you get into the fire protection field?
How does aircraft rescue fire fighting differ from the standard fire service?
Are there tactical differences from the approach for approaching a hangar to a normal commercial structure?
Could you tell me about a nuisance discharge of a foam system or a fire investigation?
Can you tell me about your roll on the NFPA 409 committiees?
What does a day in the life as an inspector look like?
Are there any trends that you see in the industry right now?
What is third party reporting?
Do you have a piece of advice for a young professional getting into the field?
Can you tell me about a project that was challenging?