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Apr 20, 2020

Rino is a senior lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand. Rino has a bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. in civil engineering with a specialty in evacuation modeling and human behavior in fire. On this episode of Fire Code Tech, we talk about emerging
technologies and their impact on fire protection research. Rino has been published in more than 20 scholarly journals. If you want see Rino's speech at NIST or any of his other content, you can find him at

Tell me about your background in fire protection?
What are you currently in the process of researching / what is your research specialty?
What is preevacuation time and can you explain your research around that?
What is virtual reality and augmented reality and what implication do they have in fire protection?
Tell me about your experience with BIM modeling?
Can you tell me about the research process from begining to end?
How does one go about being published in a scholarly journal?
Can you take me through your day as a researcher and as a professor?
What piece of advice do you have for individuals getting into fire protection?
What degree program are you involved in at Massey University?
Tell me a little bit more about your speach for NIST?