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Jan 16, 2023

Melinda Amador is a chemical engineer with profesional expertise in hazardous materials, consulting, and codes and standards. Episode 66 details topics like use and risk profiles, management of change, NFPA 420. Don't miss out on Melinda's advice for dealing with those pesky hazardous materials inventory statements. 


How did you find fire and life safety 0:00

Tell the listeners a bit more about your professional rolls? 3:45

Speak to NFPA 420 and the resources the people can find in the standard 8:10

Describe how the lifecycle of the hazardous materials plays a role in protection 17:00

What kind of process do you follow for determining protection for hazardous materials 24:00

Would you speak to your involvement in the NFPA standards creation? 33:30

What resources would you recommend to professionals in regards to hazardous materials? 42:00

What trends do you see in the industry? 49:00


Perry's Checmical Engineering Handbook