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Aug 9, 2021

This Episode is sponsored by Wachter.


Welcome to episode 34 of Fire Code Tech! On this episode we are having our first ever second appearance of a guest with Chris Campbell. This episode is focuses on the FPE exam and all the tip’s tricks and hacks for passing the test. This episode is packed full of great study habits and resources for the FPE exam. Also, we break into Chris’ new consulting practice and how he made the transition in 2021.


Gives a breakdown of some of the changes and development of your last year?

What does a good study habit for the FPE exam look like? 

Will you give a breakdown of what the PE road map video series looks like?

Would you speak about the differences between computer-based testing and paper based exams?

What are your thoughts for the future and what you have planned for the PE prep offerings?

What is a piece of advice you would give someone on passing the FP PE exam?

Would you speak about your consulting practice and how it has been getting started?

What do you see as trends in the industry as a professional?