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Jun 28, 2021

Welcome to episode 31 of Fire Code Tech! On this episode we are speaking with John Zalepka about everything passive fire protection. John is the host of The Burn podcast, and we get into the impetus for starting the show and the great content that he is involved with. Tune in to this episode if you are interested in professional development tips, marketing / business development advice and much more.


Would you tell us a little about your origin?

What is Specified Technology Incorporated?

What are your thoughts on single contractor designation for firestopping?

What kind of firestopping products are available?

Would you speak about the roles that you held and what you do now?

Would you speak about The Burn Podcast?

What was the impetus for starting the podcast and would you speak more on the origin?

What are some tips and tricks that you would give for marketing?