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Apr 26, 2021

On this episode of Fire Code Tech, our guest Joe Meyer, P.E. shares his origin story, insights from his consulting practice, and thoughts on the fire protection engineering exam. Joe is the creator of MeyerFire, a website chock-full of resources for fire protection professionals. Joe provides FPE exam prep materials, tools for fire protection design and more.

Tell me how you got started in fire protection and life safety?

Would you speak a little bit more about your roles as a designer and as an engineer?

What are some of your favorite Meyer Fire tools for those who don’t know about them?

Would you speak about your consulting work and what you are doing now? 

What are your thoughts on fire sprinkler design in Revit? I heard you speak about this topic before on the Fire Protection Podcast.

Would you speak about the online FPE exam and how you’ve seen it evolve?

What are some trends you see in the industry?