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Mar 8, 2021

Rob is a professor at Oklahoma State University in the Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology program.  Rob has a PHD in environmental sciences, a master’s in industrial hygiene and a undergraduate degree from OSU in fire protection and safety technology. In this episode of Fire Code Tech we get into Rob’s professional career in environmental health and safety as well as his time at Oklahoma State University. There is a ton of great information for professional development as well as exposition on where the program has been and where it is going.

Would you speak about your genesis in fire and life safety? 2:36

Can you touch on a couple of the different roles you had early in your career?  6:18

What was some of the roles that you enjoyed when you attended college at OSU in FPST? 10:01

What does the role of an environment health and safety specialist look like? 12:16

Why would a employer or a employee want to invest in a CIH professional? 16:27

Is there a story about your career that you would share? 22:03

What is the fire protection program at OSU for those who do not know? 29:47

What is an overview of the coursework at the OSU FPSET program? 35:15

How has the program changed since you started your time at OSU? 42:15

What career advice do you have for professionals? 50:28

Where do you like to get professional information? 53:08