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Jan 25, 2021

Jonathan Bernal is a recent graduate from the Oklahoma State University fire protection and safety engineering technology program. In this episode, we talk about Jonathan’s fascinating career and what it’s like to graduate during a pandemic. Tune in for networking and professional development tips to stay competitive in the current climate.

How did you find fire safety? 2:15

Would you speak about your time at Oklahoma State attaining the fire protection and safety engineering technology (FPSET) degree? 9:35

What was one of your favorite courses during your time at OSU? 13:25

How have you been involved with professional societies? 17:24

Would you speak about the new role you have accepted? 32:45

What are you plans for the future? 34:30

What piece of advice would you have for others who are graduating college right now? 39:10

What would you recommend as a resource for professionals? 46:10