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Jan 4, 2021

Happy New Year! I want to ring in the new year with some of the best Fire Code Tech clips from 2020. I’m grateful for all who have supported the show, and, as a way to say thanks, I’ve created an episode with clips and commentary from 2020 podcast episodes.


1 Fascinating Stories and Careers

Bill Gustin Bowstring Truss. Timestamp in this episode 2:42. Original Episode 11

Richard Meier First Case.  Timestamp in this episode 4:29. Original Episode 9

Andy Lynch Flame detection and Careers. Timestamp in this episode 8:05. Original Episode 5


2 Process of Being a Professional

Chris Campbell Performance based design.  Timestamp in this episode 11:23. Original Episode 8

Mike Snyder intro clip for hazardous materials? Timestamp in this episode 14:40. Original Episode 15

Cathleen Childers What it looks like to be an FPE? Timestamp in this episode 19:00. Original Episode 7

Andy Lynch the listing process. Timestamp in this episode 25:15. Original Episode 5

Chris Campbell Life Safety Design. Timestamp in this episode 30:24. Original Episode 8


3 Fire Investigation

Richard Meier Fire patterns and effects.  Timestamp in this episode 33:58. Original Episode 9

Aaron Johnson Nuisance Discharge.  Timestamp in this episode 38:10. Original Episode 4

Bill Gustin Change in construction Legacy to Modern. Timestamp in this episode 41:17. Original Episode 11


4 Codes and standards development

Aaron Johnson What to be learned from being involved in a committee 45:33. Original Episode 4

Chase Browning Codes and Standards Timestamp in this episode 47:46. Original Episode 6


5 Trending Topics in the Industry

Aaron Johnson PFAS and PFOA. Timestamp in this episode 50:30. Original Episode 4

Mike Snyder Beirut Chunk. Timestamp in this episode 51:51. Original Episode 15