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Jan 11, 2021

Rodney is the President and CEO of the National Fire Heritage Center (NFHC). He’s dedicated most of his career in fire and life safety to working for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. In episode 20, we discuss how understanding human behavior and social interaction plays an integral role in providing fire and life safety in modern society. We also explore the fascinating collection the NFHC maintains and restores.

Would you speak about your genesis in the fire service? 2:02

How did you fascination with anthropology begin? 4:49

Do you have a particular fire or project that was extremely impactful in your career? 11:33

What kind of courses did you teach while you worked for the fire marshal?  13:56

Would you speak about your work with the National Fire Heritage Center? 22:39

Do you expect to have a physical location of the NFHC? 30:43

What kind of different pieces are in the collection of the NFHC? 33:17

What is one of your favorite pieces from the collection of the NFHC? 35:32

How can some one get in contact if they want to donate to the NFHC? 37:36

Would you speak about your organizational culture consulting? 39:47

What would you consider a trend in the fire and life safety industry?  48:02

Where would you recommend going to find resources? 55:47