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Dec 28, 2020

Lynne Kilpatrick has spent over 30 years in hazardous materials compliance and code enforcement. In this episode of Fire Code Tech, we discuss how to bring stakeholders together for a unified approach to hazardous materials compliance. Lynne also introduces her latest endeavor, which includes developing a web application to streamline material classification.

Would you talk about the genesis of your career and education? 2:30
How did you get into your career in fire and life safety? 4:20
Would you speak about some of the reports that you would write in your first role? 7:30
Tell me a little about how you got started in your role with hazardous materials? 9:30
What qualifies something as a hazardous material? 14:40
What all codes and standards have you worked with in your career with compliance? 17:50
Would you speak about the dialogue between hazardous materials professionals and the authority having jurisdiction? 22:15
Can you speak about your take on Energy Storage Systems and how they are being addressed? 28:00
Do you have some pro tips for addressing hazardous materials in the built environment? 31:35
Would you tell me about your HMEx Assistant and what you are doing with the program? 34:45
What trends in the fire and life safety industry do you see? 40:15
You spoke about remote fueling as a developing hazard, would you elaborate upon that? 43:10
What resources would you recommend to professionals who want to learn more about fire and life safety? 46:45