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Dec 14, 2020

Josh Bracket, P.E., is a fire protection engineer who specializes in facilities maintenance as it relates to healthcare occupancies. On this episode, we break down some of the challenges associated with healthcare facilities and how the fire protection and life safety for these buildings differs from traditional business occupancies. Listen to hear Josh's two big takeaways for how the pandemic has changed healthcare occupancies ITM irrevocably.

Josh's LinkedIn

Informal Discussion 1:45
Tell me about how you got into the fire protection space? 7:20
Would you speak about SASHE and CHFM? 20:35
What is ITM and what does that mean in the context of health care facilities? 24:55
Tell me about what Legacy FM and what kind of work you are involved with? 34:30
Can you speak about your work on NFPA codes and standards development? 41:40
Would you speak about the informational videos that you have been involved with? 49:35
How has the pandemic had impact on the healthcare industry and the way healthcare occupancies do business? 55:50