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Nov 23, 2020

Kyle MacKenzie, P.E. is an electrical engineer registered in the state of New York. Kyle works in construction and more specifically, high-rise occupancies. In this episode of Fire Code Tech, we discuss emergency power requirements for a number of difficult subjects, including fire alarm systems, fire pumps, elevators and high-rise occupancies.


Informal Discussion
How did you get started in the field 8:30
How is the perspective on installation valuable as an engineer? 11:20
What kind of work are you involved in your current role? 14:00
Would you give a high level overview of NFPA 70? 21:00
How does the National Electrical Code work in concert with the international family of codes? 23:00
Can you speak about the emergency power complexities with high-rise occupancies? 31:20
What are the emergency power requirements of fire pumps? 37:00
What are the emergency power requirements for fire alarm systems and those systems that are integrated with the system? 45:50
What are some trends in the industry? 49:00
Where do you see the industry heading in the future 52:30
What resources what you recommend to professionals 54:30