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Nov 9, 2020

Kelsey Longmoore is a fire and life safety professional with over a 5 years of experience in code enforcement. In this episode of Fire Code Tech, we discuss model building codes and standards and how they work in Canada. Kelsey also shares the origin story of the Kilo Lima Code Community.

Informal introduction: 0:00
Tell me about your origin in life safety and engineering? 7:48
Did your origin and the difficulties in learning the building code play a part in your foundation of Kilo Lima? 8:10
Would you speak about being a certified professional and your other certifications? 18:12
How do the model building codes and standards work in Canada? 21:10
Would you speak more on your role at Celerity? 27:38
What is Kilo Lima Code Community (KLCC) for those who don't know? 31:51
How do people reach out and contact you about participating in KLCC? 40:51
What do you see as a trend in the industry? 48:38