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Oct 26, 2020

Mike Snyder is a chemical engineer with a number of professional certifications including his P.E., CSP and CFPS. With more than 30 years in loss prevention and process safety, Mike is no slouch when it comes to hazardous materials. In this episode of Fire Code Tech, we discuss hazardous materials and their impact on the built environment. Mike discusses his history in fire protection and life safety and gives insight to the complex problem of navigating the codes and standards associated with the storage and use of hazardous materials.

Mike's LinkedIn
Group H Occupancy Webinar by Mike
CSB West Texas Investigation
Composite IBC Article by Mike

I would love to hear about your work history and how you became involved in fire protection and life safety?
Can you speak on your professional certifications and more specifically your CSP?
How would you describe how you found yourself dealing with hazardous materials?
What are hazardous materials and how do we define them?
How do we define occupancy classifications and what does that mean in the context of hazardous materials?
Would you speak about how one would go through and determine if they have prohibitive amounts of hazardous materials?
How does one begin to evaluate the hazards of combustible dusts?
Do you have any comments or analysis for the tragedy of the recent explosion in Beirut?
What do you see as a trend in the industry right now?
What resources would you recommend to professionals that want to learn more about chemical safety?